Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe

If someone would ask me, Cynthia what is the most beautiful city in Europe? I would answer Venice!
There is something unique about Venice, that attracts you and sets you back to a romantic era.

But what is the reason Venice is so lovely? In my opinion, it is all part of history, the way this city was built and its moribund condition. You can have a walk through the city and see the gondoliers singing for their passengers, eat the most amazing pasta and get lost in the numerous small corridors.

We flew from London Stansted to Venice Marco Polo airport, when we arrived we took a bus to the city. It took only 20 minutes. Once you are at the station in Venice you can have a walk to your accommodation, or take a water taxi if its too far. Our accommodation Al Portico was a 10-minute walk. It was a basic and affordable place, which was located within walking distance of all the different attractions.

Something to consider is your shoe selection when going out, as there is regular flooding of the streets as a result of the tidal movement. Not being really aware of it, we were wondering why a lot of people were wearing wellingtons and overshoe plastic rain boots. As a precautionary measure, we also bought some of the overshoe boots before heading out for dinner.

When we arrived at the restaurant everybody was already wearing wellies, for no obvious reason. After a couple of minutes, sitting in the restaurant I felt water in my shoes. Basically, the entire restaurant was flooded, but service continued as if nothing ever happened. Luckily we were prepared and just had to put on our overshoe wellies. When we left the restaurant all the streets were covered with water, a lot of people were stranded and needed a water taxi to get back to their hotel.

We had a very nice weekend walking around, drinking nice espresso and taking pictures of the city.

So I will let the pictures talk for itself.





Venecia una de las ciudades más bonitas de Europa

Si me preguntaran, Cynthia cual es la ciudad mas bonita de Europa? Contestaría Venecia!

Venecia tiene algo que te atrae y hace que te sientas parte de una historia romántica.

Pero cual es la razón Venecia es tan encantadora? Yo creo que es parte de la historia y la manera en la que fue construida, puedes caminar a través vez de la ciudad y ver a los hombres cantando en las góndolas, comer la mejor pasta y perderte en los pequeños corredores de la ciudad.

Primero volamos desde Londres Stansted al Aeropuerto Marco Polo de Venecia, cuando llegamos tomamos un autobus a la ciudad en un trayecto de 20 minutos. Una vez que llegas a la estación puedes caminar hacia tu hotel o tomar un taxi acuático. Nosotros caminamos 10 minutos a nuestro hotel llamado Al Portico, cómodo y accesible, un lugar muy bien localizado y cerca de las atracciones turísticas.

Cuando llegamos al restaurante casi todos usaban botas de plástico, por ninguna razón obvia. Después de unos minutos, sentados en el restaurante sentí agua en mis pies. Básicamente, el restaurante estaba medio inundado pero el servicio continuaba como si nada pasara. Afortunadamente íbamos preparados y nos pusimos nuestras botas de plástico. Cuando dejamos el restaurante las calles estaban cubiertas de agua, mucha gente quedo atrapada necesitaba un taxi acuático para regresar a sus hoteles.

Al final tuvimos un fin de semana maravillosos, deleitando espressos y tomando muchas fotos.

Así que dejaré que las foto hablen por si mismas.





  1. Julia Lament
    October 29, 2017 / 4:59 pm

    Awww what a great post! I’m in love with all those pictures! You are so talented! ❤ Keep going!

    • admin
      October 29, 2017 / 5:23 pm

      Thank you so much, Julia!

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